Virtual Filing Cabinet

I have seen and used other teachers’ virtual filing cabinets so I am going to create my own so I can remember where I found great ideas.

Algebra 1

Order of Operations (crossword activity)

Expression cards

Linear Equation Standard Form (foldable)

Dan Meyer’s Graphing Stories

Twelve Days of Algebra (song lyrics)

Linear Equation Flyswatter (game)

Visual Patterns

Linear Equation (ISN notes)

Linear Equation (application problems)

Linear Equation (matching game)

Barbie Bungie (linear equation)

Ball Bounce (linear equation)

Linear Equation Graphing (project)

Starting at the end of linear inequalities

Ohio DOE Systems of Equations (activity)

Legos and Systems (activity)

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Quadratic Function (foldable)

Exponent (tarisa puzzle)

Ratios at the store

Mullet ratio

Factor Tic-Tac-Toe (notes)



Alice in Wonderland Logic


Congruent Triangle Worksheet

Congruent Triangle Puzzle Worksheet

Equilateral Triangles

Complete the Quadrilateral

Dan Meyer Taco Cart 3-Act

Circles and Hula Hoops

Law of Sine and Cosine

Transformation project

Algebra 2

Power graphing project

Teaching logs technique

Log wars

Rational Operation Shading

Conic Section Flow Chart

Characteristics of Function Graphs

High Degree Polynomial Factor Scavenger Hunt

Piecewise Texas

Piecewise Function worksheet

Sequences and Series (investigation)

Fun activities


Ken Ken Puzzles

Math Taboo

Egyptian Fractions

Tarsia Puzzles

Daily Desmos

Other Virtual File Cabinets

Mr. Kraft



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