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I use desmos whenever we need to look at functions through graphs, tables, points, etc.  Typically my A1 students just watch while sitting at their desks.  I also have the graphs saved before class; and then just turn on/off graphs as needed.  My students have watched me use desmos, but today was their day.

We did a bouncing ball experiment to get data points so they could find a line of best fit to predict bouncing it from a much higher height.  We are trying to prepare ourselves for Bungee Barbie next week.  I handed out laptops, meter sticks, and tennis balls.  I gave them explicit directions about the experiment but released them once it came to using desmos.

Here is what they discovered:

  • they could zoom in and out on their data 
  • they could type in all points in one table or one by one
  • they could turn off points that they do not think were correctly measured from their experiment 
  • they could graph multiple lines to determine which one was best fit
  • they could trace their line to get their result for the higher height
  • they could email me their results and so I could print their graphs out

I didn’t have one student ask me how to use desmos, but I did have a group ask if they could input their graph in point-slope form or convert it to slope intercept form (as needed with a TI-84).

It was a huge success and I am already looking into getting other investigations for next year!