Aleks vs. Kahn

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

We currently use to remediate students who are on not on level coming in to Algebra 1.  There are a lot of bells and whistles that they offer that make the program useful in my classroom.  I love that I can link it to the textbook so material is presented to the student at the same time it is presented in the classroom.  I appreciate the number of reports that are available so that I can consistently look at data to show student growth (or lack of).  The algorithm that Aleks uses to determine student need is remarkable.  Students aren’t bogged down by what they already have mastered.  Students can see growth, I can see growth, and they are constantly assessed.  Students can see worked examples and I can link other resources to topics that students struggle with learning.That all being said Aleks cost money and I am lucky that my principal sees the value.

Kahn is now offering a free version of remediation via the Kahn Academy.  I was never a fan of Khan Academy videos but am curious about how their remediation works.  Is it something we could offer students who are not in the remediation class?  Kahn offers a coach/teacher option which is similar to Aleks, but is it as good as what I already have?  I like the idea of videos but I am not sure all my students would watch them (I just got my students to buy into taking notes on the worked examples).

Anyone have any experience with Kahn or Aleks that could help determine which we should move forward using?


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