Always a nerd

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Summer vacation is here… the kids have filed out of the doors and the hallways are empty.  As teachers, we hope that they do not forget what we have worked so hard to teach.  As teachers we can be good role models.  I have so much on my plate this summer that I might be more busy than I was during the school year.

I lead and attend PD offered by my township.  These help keep me up-to-date on what is working in other classrooms in terms of technology.

I am also attending an AP summer institute this month for training to teach AP statistics next school year.  Super excited about this one…career goal of teaching everything from remediation to AP will be met.

I am also leading a NMSI training in July in Indianapolis.  This is something I am passionate about.  NMSI and Laying the Foundation have made me a better teacher and are a wealth of resources.  They have a few free lessons available, so check it out.

All this while keeping up with my twitter and blog PLN… I am confident I will grow this summer as a professional.  I just hope my students don’t forget 🙂


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