SBG needing answers

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am taking the leap next year.  I will continue to teach Algebra 1 Enrichment next school year so I want to “record” some of my thoughts about trying SBG.  If you have feedback, I would greatly appreciate any help from those who have been in the trenches.

I have broken down the lessons/skill I need to teach to prepare my students for the End of Course Assessment (Indiana’s standardized test).  With each skill, I have directly linked the state standard.  Because of the diversity of my student’s knowledge; I, already, and will continue to  tier each set of practice problems based upon their initial knowledge base.  (we currently address moving between knowledge groups every 9 weeks)  I have not worked through whether to SBG each skill or each standard.  If there are multiple skills or objectives in a standard, do I quiz each one or use the umbrella of the standard?  (i.e. how many quizzes are needed for factoring x^2+bx+c, ax^2+bx+c, difference of squares, and grouping method for 4 terms?)   For re-quizzing, I want to create a small stack of index cards with questions.  I could have students pick two cards to re-score their Standard Based Quiz grades.

  • How long do you allow students to requiz for?
  • Should I make students complete practice problems before re-quizzing?
  • How often should I make a “new” standard based quiz available?
  • Do assess multiple standards on the same assessment?
  • How do practice problems, skill quiz, SB quizzes all fit into a grade on the current system?
  • How do you communicate SBG to parents who do not come to back to school night?
  1. I have been completely standards based for the past two years in my classroom. I allow students to reassess at any point in the school year – new evidence of learning replaces old. My students need to practice before a reassessment can happen. I don’t score or grade any formative work, just give feedback for growth. I do score summative assessments on a four point scale and this is what I use to determine my semester grades. As far as parents, I did a flipped video for my syllabus so my parents could get a better understanding of how I run my classroom no matter whether they attended Curriculum Night or not. I blog about standards based learning and grading at – Hope this helps!

    • esteiner51 says:

      Thank you for the feedback. In other classes I have moved away from giving homework. Instead I offer practice problems on the lesson and then assess the next day (prove-its) which I grade as their “homework” category that other teachers utilize. So I shouldn’t have much problem transitioning into not grading their “practice”, but then how often do you assess each standard?

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