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Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Next week my Algebra 1 Enrichment class will take a survey to help give me feedback on what to change/keep from this year’s class.  I taught these students in a double block.  We were together for 47 minutes in the morning for Algebra 1 and then 47 minutes in the afternoon for “enrichment”.  I tried a few different teaching methods throughout the year during the Algebra 1 section.

  • We tried ISN’s for a semester and a half.
  • We tried typed notes for 9 weeks.
  • We tried differentiated (more like tiered) assignments/quizzes for 9 weeks.
  • We substituted worksheets for whiteboards for 9 weeks.

The afternoon section we utilized the majority of the time to work on

I am tossing around the idea of standard based grading for next year.  I love the idea of knowing what skills they know and what they still need to learn.  Standard Based Grading is exactly the answer to this.  These students are “chosen” because they are a predicted fail before they walk in to the high school.  They lack some basic skills.  I have some that struggle with their basic operations, but are still willing to try.  They are great kids and we have grown very fond of each other.

I am curious to what questions I should include on the survey that would give me the best feedback on their feelings towards math.  I am curious about what methods they feel like were the most effective.  I am curious about what they feel like made them more successful in my class vs. any other algebra 1 class in our school.

So what questions would you include???

  1. Chelsea Holdridge says:

    I like to have students reflect quarterly on their learning in my classroom. I usually ask them questions like these.
    1. What did you do this quarter that was successful? What do you feel good about in math class?
    2. What do you think you could do to improve for next quarter?
    3. What do you think I did that helped you this quarter? (Think of something you liked about the class. it could be an activity or a routine thing we do every day that you like.)
    4. What do you think I should do to make my classroom better? How could I help you learn?

    I usually have students type it in an email or in Google Docs so that I can ask questions if I want them to elaborate on something. I also promise them that I won’t get mad if they tell me they hate something we did and that I don’t take any of it personally. I tell them that I learn how to be a better teacher from them and that I can’t learn how to be better if they aren’t totally honest. Sometimes the truth hurts, but most times I get really valuable feedback and great ideas. Good luck! I think you will learn a lot from them.

  2. Sarah Hagan says:

    The last time I had students complete reflections, I gave them a Keep/Change/Start/Stop sheet to fill out. Students had to write 3 things that they thought we should keep doing in class, 3 things that they wished we would change how we did it, 3 things we should start doing, and 3 things we should stop doing. I enjoyed this structure, and I think my students gave more constructive feedback with this format than when I simply asked them how helpful they thought various aspects of my class were. Here’s the link to the page I made for them to use:

    • esteiner51 says:

      I love the Keep/Change/Start/Stop idea. I usually give them a post-it every 9 weeks and allow them to write one good and one one bad from the quarter. They give me feedback but it is typically connected to their grade.

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