Posted: May 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today, we celebrated our retiring teachers after school.  While listening to their introductions, I realized all 7 had individually spent 30+ years in our township/high school.  One teacher talked about missing the teachers eating together in the teachers’ lounge.  Early in their careers they had a principal that made it “mandatory” for teachers to eat together.  They were a tight group… a family as many of them refer to their colleagues.  We teach in a culture where the majority of us have only 30 minutes with which we eat at our desks grading papers and writing lesson plans.  There isn’t time to collaborate with each other, let alone eat lunch together.  That is, or we don’t make time!  So how do we get back to the “good ole” days when we had time to care about each other as much as we care about our students?


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