A1 Mini Projects

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Uncategorized



I am a little late to the party… the MTBOS 30 day challenge that is.  But I am going to try to join the fun.  Thanks to Julie for the motivation.   

On my mind today:  Algebra 1 Mini Projects

This week my A1 Enrichment students take the ECA (state test) then we have 2 and half weeks until the final exam.  That leaves me about a week and half of two periods a day to fill.  We have hit all but one chapter of required material so I will start there and I know I will end with Bungee Barbie.  My students loved it last year so, I will again use Barbie for the Final Exam in the afternoon section.  So what to do with the morning classes?  I think I will lean on Dan Meyer‘s 3-act lessons.  I have been reading a lot about teachers using Mathalicious so I might allow for choice for my students.  The classes are small enough that I could allow different level groups work on different problems.  Now I have one week to figure it all out.  What does everyone do to keep students engaged during the last month of school?


  1. paula rager says:

    How do you incorporate Dan Meyers 3-act plays into the classroom? I am trying but not sure exactly sure.

    • esteiner51 says:

      I have used the taco cart multiple times while allowing the students to pretend they are the teacher and create a question based upon the picture. The first year, we investigated the quickest route; while the second time I used it, we tried moving the taco cart along the road to travel the same amount of time to reach the taco hut. This year, my students solved both of these questions and then I had one group that investigated moving the taco cart into the sand. It is hard to predict the students’ approach, but sometimes you just have to release the control (which is hard for teachers). I had to trust and push them to try harder questions than just measuring the distance between the people and the hut.

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