State testing on my mind

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

So you want to be a teacher… so do I.

Next week, the ECA will hit the desks of my redshirt freshman.  We spent the last 9 months learning the new Algebra 1 material.  What makes this a different experience than all the other A1 classes in my building, is that we do more than just A1 material.  We spend a lot of time digging into their past math experiences and trying to fill in the holes left from a lack of comprehension.  I look at acuity data, differentiate new material, use the Aleks program to help remediate, and even reteach when needed.

I have worked harder this year than I have ever thought was possible.  I spent more time reading about methods of teaching math than I did grading or sleeping.  We have tried Interactive student notebooks, foldables, notes with examples, video tutorials, computer games, whiteboards, differentiated instruction, modified “standard based grading”…. do I need to go on?

Whether my students pass or not next week… I know we have been successful this year.  My students have been successful, and I have data to prove it.  I don’t need a score on a state standardized test.  I have seen them grow over the past 9 months and I  know what they can do and what they still need to work on in order to reach mastery.

So next week when the booklet of problems that the state dictates my students should have mastered is opened in front of my redshirt freshman anxious and scared eyes; I already know the results.  I have done some of the best teaching of my career.  I have gotten students to be engaged on a daily basis.  I have gotten kids to learn the math they hadn’t in previous years.  I have even gotten students who on day 1 hated math to smile on the way in the classroom.  I have been a teacher.


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