Why don’t parents attend back to school night

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I am a week and a half into a new school year… And, tonight was back to school night. Our district believes it is important to have it early on so we can initiate the contact with parents before there is a need. I met 5 out of 48 of my algebra enrichment parents, and 7 I out of 68 geometry parents.
Why don’t parents attend back to school night??? I always meet the parents of the good kids, but never the parents I need to meet. But… Is it because the kids are good because of the parent involvement? Do we live in a society of apathetic parents which leads to apathetic students? How can we get students to care, if we can’t get parents to care? Is it only my district or society as a whole? Is this a million dollar question, like how do you get kids to do homework? Or is it the exact same problem?
Anyone have a handle on this?!?


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