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I have taught part-time for the past two and a half years… that is until January 7, 2013.  I will be employed full time.  With the added position comes a new course.  I have gone through the spectrum of emotions – excitement, fear, anxiety, and just being overwhelmed.  As I have worked this week to create a picture and outline of what I want for this new opportunity, I have been inspired!!!

I have been reading math blogs now for almost a year.  It started out finding a video on YouTube,  “teach me how to factor” and I was hooked.  I turned to google and just searched math blogs.  I found Dan Meyer and I caught my self reading his posts more than checking my Facebook.  Then one day I saw a list of other bloggers on the side of his webpage… and one by one I worked my way through each.  By this summer I was checking 20 blogs a week.

This past fall I joined the Blog Initiative started by a group of math teacher/bloggers.  I tried to “join” their world.  Well, just like many others before me, I failed.  I wrote a couple posts and then all of a sudden life hit and I never made time to post.  But, with my failure of being one of them, came more blogs to read.  I started a google feed so now I read more than the 20 blogs that I started with last summer.  I read around 20 blog posts a day.  I even listen in to Global Math Department on a weekly basis.  I follow and “stalk” others on Twitter.  Because of all this:  My mind has been stretched, my teaching skills have been advanced, and I know my students enjoy class a little more.

So, as I embark on a new course, I want to take time to thank those bloggers that I have been reading and have gained the most inspiration from.

Julie Reulbach     Megan Hayes-Golding     Sam Shah

Andrew Stadel     Fawn Nguyen     Dan Meyer     Hedge

The only way I can think of to show my appreciation is to make a deeper commitment to blogging and sharing my ideas that work in my classroom with the world.  I am better because of the blogs I read, not just the main ones I listed above.

So here is to a new year, a new class, and not just being inspired but to share inspiration with others.