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I have gotten through the FIRST 9 weeks!  Yes, I am already 9 weeks into the school year.  I can not believe how fast time has gone.  We are on a balanced schedule so that means after this week, I will get a 2 week break.  I am teaching the ECA remediation course for Algebra 1 the first four days.  I guess I just can not force myself to stay out of the classroom.  On top of that when we return, I will be overseeing an online component of our remediation project as well.  Needless to say, I have a lot of my plate in terms of planning.

The first component that I believe in when dealing with remediation is differentiated instruction.  I believe that they have already sat through lectures about concepts why continue to teach it in the same manner.  I think that we can try to keep the concepts to a short introduction and then practice using different methods:  whiteboards, puzzles, games, hands-on activities, etc.

The second and what I think is the most important… small groups or individual instruction.  I believe that this is so important because the students who are in need sometimes get lost in the normal classroom.

The third component that needs to be considered would be the motivation of the student.  I wish we could turn the remediation into a one credit general credit course.  Until then, we have to link remediation to the hopes of passing the test and also directly into the waiver process.

Here’s to the 70+ hours I have in front of me… as I work through this process I will try to update.  I would love to hear what others do in terms of remediation.