Hello world!

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello universe… I hope someone is out there!  If not, this is going to be really weird.  I have never saw someone talking to themselves, and thought “oh wow, I wish I could do that.”  I guess the first thing is to stop being a stranger… Need I remind you “stranger-danger” is one of the most important things we learned in kindergarten?
My name is Emily Steinmetz.  I currently teach geometry and algebra 2 to high school freshman and sophomores at your “typical” suburban-style school in Indianapolis.  I grew in Indianapolis and after two stints in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan; I have created a life here in Indy (go Colts).  I took my first teaching job right out of college and unfortunately had a not so positive experience.  In fact, it was so negative, I left teaching after 3 years.  Yes, I was one of those statistics.  I tried out other careers but it seemed like no matter what I tried, someone was always making the comment, “have you ever thought about teaching?”.
That brings me to the present day… I have returned to the classroom.  I am currently only in a part time position still after 2 full school years (hopefully leaving more time for this adventure with you).  I am dying to be full-time, but love where I teach…so I will be patient and just encourage those around me that retirement can be more fun than dealing with teenagers every day (even though I don’t believe that).
I am not sure what I am going to write about, but I do read a lot of math blogs.  (you know the type always stalking others but too shy to comment)  I hope through this experience I can collaborate with others on a two-way street.  Many out there have already sparked so many great ideas, now I hope I can live up to standards you have set  before me.  I hope to spark ideas for you or maybe just start a conversation…


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